Renting flats and apartments temporarily or longer-term without commission fees

wohnref erlangen is the specialist source for furnished temporary accommodations and for unfurnished apartments in the metropolitan region of Erlangen, Nuremberg and Fürth

We are certain that we are the right contact for you and will implement your individual wishes quickly and professionally: no matter if you are looking for a temporary furnished apartment (e.g. for job reasons) or an unfurnished permanent flat – as private person or a company.

To get an idea of our furnished and unfurnished objects, visit the picture galleries for your chosen apartments and houses or check out our offering of the week. We ensure a trouble-free, quick and professional mediation which does not leave anything to be taken care of for you. Profit from our separate relocation service offerings which even include registration with local authorities, utility providers, etc. and much more...

Are you in Erlangen temporarily and looking for a furnished flat or a furnished apartment on short notice? wohnref erlangen will quickly and easily provide you with a furnished flat in Erlangen, Nuremberg or Fuerth. We only need your registration to set out to find the perfect temporary nest for you!

Of course, you can also select a furnished flat or furnished apartment from our database according to your criteria (see Search).

"Temporary accommodation" is the best solution to avoid doing without the luxury of a furnished flat in a strange city.

Let us advise you and optimise your booking with our attractive additional service offerings.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Should you be interested to purchase an apartment in Erlangen, do contact us by return.

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