Landlords ask

What does wohnref erlangen do?

For 25 years, we have been an agent for furnished flats for temporary or permanent use in the wider area of Erlangen, Nuremberg and Fürth.

Secured rent that is often paid directly by the companies makes furnished accommodation attractive.

How high is the monthly rent?

Furnished room with kitchen/bathroom approx.   250.00 to   350.00 €
Furnished 1 room apartment from approx.  450.00 to  650.00 €
Furnished 1-bedroom flat w. separate kitchen from approx.  500,00 to  700,00 €
Furnished 2-bedroom flat from approx.  750.00 to 1,000.00 €
Furnished 3-bedroom flat from approx.  900.00 to 1,600.00 €
Furnished house from approx. 1,200.00 to 3,000.00 €

Ancillary costs are included in the rents for furnished accommodation.

The costs for power and heating are borne by the tenant directly.

How long are the rent periods?

We offer rent periods starting at 1 month. Of course, we will observe your wishes. The more flexible you are in terms of rent period, the easier it will be for us to rent out your flat.

How does my accommodation offering find the right tenant?

You can submit your offering to us in person, in writing or directly online.

The more detailed your description, the better will we be able to present your offering.

We will consider your tenant wishes: Nationality, only for persons travelling home on weekends, children and pets permitted, etc. The more flexible you are, the higher your chances of finding a tenant quickly.

At first listing, one of our employees will schedule an on-site visit with you.

We will take professional photographs of your property to market your flat on our website and the common rent portals.

An inventory list drawn up by you will make it easier to check all important objects when tenants move in and out.

Who performs the on-site inspection appointments?

Usually, the potential tenants will contact you directly. If you do not wish this or if you are not living in the region, we will, of course, gladly do this for you.

Who will draw up the rent contract?

We have been working with a rent contract template that has proven its worth for furnished tenancy for many years.

We will gladly draw one up in your name and consider your wishes in it.

We have our cards on the table – hopefully so do you

We ask you to help us keep our website and EDP data up to date at all times. Please let us know at once

- if you cannot be contacted for some time
- if the description of your offering changes in any manner
- if you have found a tenant on your own.

Please give us the name of your new tenant in this case.

It is possible that the company that rents your apartment will contact you directly later – see our terms and conditions on this.

Who is liable for damage?

wohnref erlangen only acts as an agent. We cannot assume any liability for damage that occurs in the scope of the tenancy in spite of all diligence.

Your lodging mediation centre for Erlangen - Nuremberg - Fürth will gladly answer any further questions that you may have on the subject of temporary accommodation. Just contact us.

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