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How high is the monthly rent?

Furnished room with shared kitchen/bathroom


300.00 to  450.00 €

Furnished 1-bedroom-apartment

from approx.

 600.00 to 800.00 €

Furnished 1-bedroom -flat w. separate kitchen

from approx.

 800.00 to  1,000.00 €

Furnished 2-bedroom -flat

from approx.

 900.00 to 1,100.00 €

Furnished 3-bedroom -flat

from approx.

 1,100.00 to 1,600.00 €

Furnished house

from approx.

1,400.00 to 3,000.00 €

The rent for furnished apartments already contains ancillary costs. Costs for power and heating shall be borne by the tenant directly.

How is the rent contract processed?

When you have found a suitable flat, we will take care of your rent contract. Your wishes regarding the term of the lease are, of course, considered in it. Usually, an inventory list will be appended that will facilitate verification of the apartment’s equipment when moving in and out.
When renting flats, rental contracts can be signed online with a digital signature. This is necessary for the binding rental of properties.
We use the API (data interface) from www.docusign.de for this purpose. DocuSign is operated by DocuSign Germany GmbH, Neue Rothofstrasse 13-19, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany
Further information on data protection in relation to DocuSign can be found here directly at DocuSign: https://www.docusign.com/en-gb/privacy.
DocuSign is registered under the Privacy Shield and acts as a processor for ISF GmbH / wohnref. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 1b) GDPR - fulfilment of contract.

How do I pay for the deposit?

Either in cash when moving in or by money transfer to the landlord's account before moving in. When the rent contract is concluded by a company, the deposit can be provided as a guarantee. The deposit for furnished apartments is not invested for interest. For unfurnished apartments, it is paid in to a savings book with the common interest.

Who registers for power/gas and internet/phone?

We will gladly help you to quickly implement your desired telecom services and to register with the Stadtwerke to save time for you. This way, you can start earlier to get to know your new environment. More on our service offerings.

What happens when I want to move out?

A handover record will be drawn up when you move out to record defects. Meter readings are recorded and we will initiate the final cleaning.
This way, there will be no disputes about paying back the deposit. It will be returned to you quickly unless any larger damage must be removed for which the costs will not be known before the repair has been performed.

Your new address and bank information will be recorded on the handover record. Please schedule a return date with us approx. 1 week before you move out. More on our service offerings

How will the apartment be cleaned?

We cooperate with various cleaning companies who have proven to be reliable and orderly. If you desire weekly or monthly cleaning, we will gladly establish contact for you. More on our service offerings.
We will charge one of these companies with the final cleaning that is mandatory when you move out and part of your usage contract. The costs will be set off by the landlord against the deposit. He will send a voucher for this to your new address.

Will personal data on me be published?

We will treat your data confidentially and in compliance with data privacy. We will inform your landlord about you as required on request. Data will only be passed on to third parties in coordination with you (e.g. passing on to the subsequent tenant when you want to move out).

Of course, wohnref erlangen will be available to answer further questions as well – just contact us.

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